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The Coding Newsletter
Spring 2019 By Cory Avrutis

C++ Language

C++ is a programming language that was created in 1979 and was standardized in 1998. C++ is a very diverse and flexible programming language. It is based off of the C programming language and is almost fully compatible with C making it quite simple to utilize the existing C libraries.

With such a flexible language comes complexity. C++ is one of the most complex languages out there, and you will have to write a lot of code if you are going to start any program from scratch. C++ is widely used because it is an object-oriented programming language that uses memory management to get things done. Unlike most all other programming languages, C++ has to have its memory properly managed by the programmer. There are many reasons why big scale development teams choose to code with C++:

C# Language

C# is a programming language that was created in 2002 and was developed by Microsoft within the .NET framework. It was meant to be just a general purpose programming language. The language is a mix of C and Java together combining the compatibility of C++ and the syntax of Java.

Many developers use C# as a language to create games with, but since it is part of the .NET framework it can be used to create all types of windows applications.Because it is a higher level programming language it has newer features that make it easier to work with in the long run but it restricts the flexibility on the language. C# is a language that will work with you when writing code not against you, implicitly converting types and ADT's to reach the programmers desired outcome. C# is used by developers for many reasons: