My Career


I took an interest in computer programming when I was a kid playing video games.It fascinated me and I wanted to know how it worked. I'm the kind of person that needs to know how everything works inside and out to truly understand it. I took a .NET programming course at STC(Suncoast Technical College), and have been taking courses to further my knowledge of programming.


I started programming with a Java. Considering my experience, I would say I am an intermediate Java programmer. I've mainly played around with Java making things like Minecraft servers and simple programs. I understand the syntax quite well and can follow code better than I write it when it comes to Java.
I initially learned C# in my STC course and then went to advance my skills on my own. I read 3 different C# textbooks and consider myself an advanced C# programmer. I can code in C# efficiently and have written a numerous amount of C# programs ranging from small and simple programs to database managed programs.
I have taken two college level C++ programming courses. I can read and follow C++ code very well and I can code in C++ very efficiently.
Visual Basic
I have done a lot of programming in Visual Basic and have made many programs with the language. It's quite an easy and beginner language to learn, and picking up concpet's for it is quite easy for me. I consider myself a very proficient Visual Basic coder.
I took one college level web page development course which has since taught me all the fundamentals of coding in HTML. It is a very powerful language but different than all other programming languages. Considering this website and all I would say I'm average at coding in html. I mainly struggle with the CSS and design aspects of creating websites.

Current Studies

I am currently taking one class at Tallahassee Community College for the summer semester. For fall semester I will be a full-time student taking 4 classes:

  1. Biology I W/Lab
  2. Argument and Persuasion
  3. College Success
  4. Precalculus Algebra
Programming Hands